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20 May

Applying eyeliner well is a skill some people never master. It can be easy to smear a dark line under your eye, but many times that isn’t the best application for your eye shape. There are many different eyeliners and looks to explore and it’s an easy change that can completely change your makeup look. Many people stick with kohl pencils, which work well for some people, but don’t try any other options that might fit you better. Here are some of the options available which will hopefully inspire you to shake up your eyeliner!


The smudge pot:

In the past this has been an eyeliner only higher end companies were making but recently companies like Maybeline have been coming out with cheaper options that work just as well. The smudge pot requires a liner brush but goes on very easily. Look for a pointed or angled liner brush for the best application. Smudge pot eyeliner should only be used on your upper last because the formula is meant for external use only. The creamy formula is great for creating winged looks and thick lines but be careful when you’re applying it because the long-lasting liner does not come off easily if you make a mistake.

Kohl liner:

This liner is the basic eyeliner and is great for beginners and for creating smokey looks. There are also fun options in bright colors and metallic finishes to play with. Look for kohl liners that can be easily blended and that are safe to use on your waterline. Kohl is great for lining eyes in both your waterline and on your top lashes. Try experimenting with the angle of the pencil as you’re applying it, tilting at a 90-degree angle for a precise line and a 45-degree angle to create a thicker line. Kohl is a good eyeliner to experiment with because it can easily be wiped off and redone.

Liquid Liner:

This eyeliner can be the hardest to master because it has the least room for errors. It offers the most dramatic and precise way to line your upper lid, but should not be used on your waterline. The best use for liquid liner is drawing the cat eye or winged look because of it’s easy gliding. Look for waterproof ones to avoid it running.

Long Wear:

This can come in many different forms from long wear pencils to long wear liquid liner. Of course the long wear offers many benefits because it does not smudge and will last a long time. The bad thing about this liner is that if you make a mistake, it is less forgiving because it is so hard to take off. I would recommend using this if you are more experienced with eyeliner application. Also, do not use it for smokey looks because it does not smudge and blend as easily.


Makeup For Your Eye Color

1 Apr

Eye makeup isn’t the same steps for everyone. Each of our individual eye colors can be accentuated by the right colors and application techniques. Once you know them you can adjust makeup looks to make them fit you!

The easiest trick for picking eyeshadow for your eye color is to become acquainted with the color wheel. Pick a color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel to make your eye color pop!

Blue Eyes: Pick colors in the brown, gold, and bronze shades like MAC’s Amber Lights for a shimmery bronze/gold.  If you are doing a smokey eye opt for darker steel-gray shadows and eyeliners which will look amazing against your baby blues. The only color to avoid are blues that match your eye color. 



Green Eyes: If you are lucky enough to have those rare, beautiful green eyes play them up with purple and pink eye shadows. Although red is opposite to green on the color wheel purple has some red tones in it, which will perfectly compliment green eyes. Look to switch your black eyeshadow for deep plum for an easy upgrade. Try Almay’s Intense I-Color in Purple Amethyst.



Brown Eyes: You have the most colors to play with for brown eyes because not much is going to clash against them. But to really make the color pop look for eye makeup in the blues or purples. For night looks, try a dark sparkly blue like Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy Eyeshadow in Spin.

Save VS Splurge

6 Mar

As a working student, I often find myself torn between splurging on products and looking to save my hard earned money. Here’s my list of products to save or splurge on! These are only my suggestions, deciding what you want to spend on is up to you. And of course every persons idea of splurging or saving is personal as well so it will be different for each person. In general, I’d recommend using the rule of taking the cost of an item and dividing it by the amount of times you think you will wear it. If you buy a $100 pair of jeans that you plan to wear twice a week for two years that is about a dollar per wear. But if you’re thinking of investing in a $500 party dress you’ll only wear twice a year that’s $250 per wear. With makeup, think about what you use so don’t splurge on something you’re only going to use once.

Beauty Products:


Shampoo – Most shampoos do the same tasks, just with different prices. Your hair will be just as clean. 

Mascara – There are designer mascaras, like the Dior ones, out there but I’ve found that drug store mascaras work just as well, if not better. My favorite drug store steal is L’Oreal Voluminous Millions Lashes.

Moisturizer – Most moisturizers will do the same things no matter how much you pay for them. There are special ones like firming, tanning, shimmering ect but the plain ones do the trick for me. The only moisturizer that I would spend a little more on would be a moisturizer with SPF.

Speaking of SPF – Although this is one of the most important steps in your beauty regime, a sun screen from CVS is going to do the same as one from Chanel.

(Sometimes) Foundation – If you don’t use foundation very often or only use it on one part of your face, like your chin or nose, a cheaper drugstore foundation will give you what you want at the fraction of the price. A great drugstore foundation is Maybelline New York Dream Smooth Mousse.

Lipstick/Lip gloss – I have this on both sides because it really depends on what makeup you wear. If you rarely wear lip gloss or lipstick then a cheap and simple product will work just as well.

Makeup Remover – Although people don’t usually think about splurging on makeup remover, there are some pricier option out there. But you can find the best removers in the drugstore without a doubt.

Curling Iron – A cheaper curling iron will almost always do the same job as an expensive one. The only drawback may be the time it takes it to heat up but other than that you’ll get the same curl either way. Beauty stores like Ulta have a great selection to chose from.

Conditioner – All conditioners are not all equal. Having a good conditioner can completely change your hair. The key thing to look for is the conditioner that matches your hair type and can give you what you want like frizz ease or volume boost. I use PHYTO Phytosésame Express Hydrating Conditioner with Sesame Oil  for split end repair.
Eyeliner – Having a long lasting eyeliner can actually save you money because you don’t have to keep reapplying it and they usually don’t break as easily. Look for ones that suit your taste like a gel or a pencil. My favorite, love-of-my-life eyeliner is MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel. It won’t budge all day or all night and it will last you a long long time (I’ve had one pot for about a year).
Eyeshadow – There is a huge difference between a department store eyeshadow and a drug store one. They go smoother, crease less, and will stay on longer. Drug store brands tend to crumble  and don’t have a very rich color. If you want to save even more, splurge on eyeshadow colors that you wear every day, like browns and shimmers and buy drugstore eyeshadow for colors you don’t wear very often.
Foundation – Finding the right foundation that is suited to your skin tone, type, oiliness and specific needs can be a hard search but can have a huge payoff. Having an amazing foundation will mean you don’t have to splurge on other face products because you already have a perfect base. My favorite is Lancome Teint Miracle.
Lipstick/Lip gloss – If you wear either of these two (or both) on a regular bases then splurging on both of these will make a huge difference. Higher end lip glosses and lipsticks give better staying power and are usually creamier.
Makeup Brushes – Having a good brush can make any makeup look better. Drugstore brushes tend to be made of synthetic hair which usually shed and don’t give you very smooth coverage.
Hair Straighteners – They seem like a pretty basic design but the difference between a high end hair straightener and the cheaper option is huge. The cheaper options usually don’t heat up as fast and can snag your hair and break it.
Simple T-Shirts: I work in a clothing boutique and it blows my mind everyday when people come in a buy $150 white v-neck t-shirt. I always find myself thinking that they could get the same shirt from the gap for around $15.
Crazy, Fun, Not Everyday Shoes – Having a variety of shoes at your disposal to go with your every outfit whim is awesome but save on the shoes that you’re only going to wear once or twice like those 5 inch bright pink heals or leopard print boots.
Party Dresses – Every girl should have a couple of fun party dresses in her closet that you’ll probably wear once or twice or will only wear for one season. Save on these dresses at places like Forever 21.
Fun Blouses and Tops – As a teenager I find that I wear a top a couple of times and then it gets pushed to the bottom of my dresser to make room for new ones. My style is still changing and finding cheap and pretty tops are perfect for that.
Crazy Jewelry – Save on funky, loud, fun jewelry you wont wear very often. It’s fun to dress up outfits with them but you’re not going to wear them everyday.
Sunglasses – Alright this one might just be me because I end up losing/breaking about 10 pairs of sunglasses every year. I find that I can find perfectly useful sunglasses for a cheap price. If you do splurge on a pair, make sure you take care of them so they last you a long time.
(A Great Pair of) Jeans – Having one or two pairs of jeans that fit you perfectly, have the right wash and style, and make you look fabulous is worth the splurge. Jeans are a staple in most women’s wardrobes and a well made pair will last you a long time.
Everyday, Classic Shoes – These are your black flats, black high heals, great pair of leather boots, or running sneakers. Invest in shoes that you’ll wear a lot, are made of good material that will last a long time, are comfortable and don’t give you blisters, wont go out of style next season, and can go with every outfit.
Staple Dresses – Basically any version of a LBD (little black dress) can go in the splurge section. These should be your standbys for any occasion and that you know will last you a long time.
Everyday Handbag – Having one amazing bag that you carry everyday will pretty much set you for the rest of your life (alright but for a couple years at least). Go for one in a neutral color to go with everything and one that is made to last.

Purple and Blue Eye Makeup Look

6 Mar

This week I wanted to do an easy to do night eye look. This doesn’t need too many products and should only take about 5 minutes, depending on how comfortable you are with doing your makeup. I would recommend pairing this look with a neutral face and a nude lip because it is a darker look. Play around with the darkness of the eyeshadow for different intensities to suit the look you’re going for. Enjoy!

7 Deadly Sins of Makeup

27 Jan

Everyone is going to have some makeup mistakes, from the wrong color foundation to over plucked eye brows. I personally have burned every single picture of myself from middle school where I thought I was about two shades darker than I was and thought that it was attractive to put on as much eyeliner as humanly possible. So I’ve put together the most common beauty blunders to hopefully save people from making the same mistakes.

1. Foundation line – Your finish your makeup and your foundation is perfect. Then you walk into the sunlight and realize that your face is a completely different shade than your neck and it looks like you have a mask on.

The Fix: Pick out a foundation that matches your skin perfectly. If you are buying from a counter, ask someone to help you find your shade. If you are buying from a drug store, buy a foundation that look about 1 shade lighter. Most foundations look darker in the bottle and if ends up being too light for your skin tone you can always add bronzer. But most importantly blend your foundation down your neck!

2. Racoon Eyes – There is a line between a smokey eye and looking like a racoon.One will give you the perfect, dramatic, night look and one will make people try to catch you and release you into the wild.

The Fix: If you over do it on your eyeliner or eyeshadow, remove it with makeup remover and then use a Q-tip smudge it out or use a pressed powder and go over it.

3. Clumpy Mascara – Also known as having spider lashes (gross). Having clumpy mascara defeats the purpose of mascara which is to enhance your eyes and make your lashes look longer and more voluminous. It not only ruins your makeup look but it makes your lashes look fake and unnatural.

The Fix – Find a mascara with a wand that separates your lashes and only apply a few coats (one for everyday and two or three for more dramatic looks). You should also throw out old, clumpy mascara because they will lead to clumpy lashes.

4. Too much color – Bright, fun makeup is huge for spring but pairing your bright pink blush with your blue eyeshadow and your red lipstick is going to make you look like you belong in a carnival.

The Fix – Pick one feature to highlight. If you’re doing a strong eye, pair it with nude lip gloss and a neutral face or if you’re doing a bright lip pair it with a light eye.

5. Lipstick Overkill – When applied correctly, lipstick can add drama and fun into your winter makeup but having makeup on your teeth or so far off your lips that you look like a clown is not an attractive look for anyone.

The Fix – Apply a lip liner in a matching color of your lipstick. Line directly around your lip’s natural shape. This is will make sure your lipstick won’t bleed. Put on a layer of lipstick and then blot lips with a tissue and apply another layer.

6. Spray Tan Gone Wrong – Spray tanning can be a great way to get tan during the not so sunny months but orange, flaky, fake looking tan does not look good on anyone.

The Fix – Pick a spray tan color that is reasonable for your skin tone. Going for the dark option will only make you look like a walking pumpkin. Once you’ve been sprayed, make sure to moisturize or else your skin will flake and leave you patchy. If you absolutely hate your tan either use a tan remover or try this DIY: moisturize with  baby oil and let is sink in for a couple of hours then get into a hot bath and use a loofa or exfoliating glove.

7.Over bronzed – Everyone wants that sun kissed look, especially in the winter months, but if you’re not careful you’ll end up looking more Umpa Lompa than beachy.

The Fix – Stick to the “E 3” rule; blend bronzer from your temple to your cheek and across your jawbone in an E on your left side and a 3 on your right.

Simple Smokey Eye

30 Oct

The easiest way to transfer your makeup for night is to do a smokey eye. Someone with little makeup experience can create this classic look and once you’ve mastered it, you can play with it by adding color or sparkle. Here is the step-by-step smokey eye.

1. For staying power and to intensify the color, use an eyeshadow primer. I’m using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Apply all over eyelid and under eye

2. Apply a matte nude eyeshadow all over eyelid and on brow bone like MAC Eye Shadow in Bisque  . This creates a base for the rest of your eyeshadow. If you don’t have a nude eyeshadow, you can use a pressed powder.

 3. Apply a light layer of black eyeshadow all over lid. I’m using MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon. This is the base layer so it’s ok if this is messy, we are going to blend.

4.  To keep the look from looking flat, apply a dark brown eyeshadow like MAC Eye Shadow in Wedge in the outer V of your eye. Blend the black and brown together and begin to blend up onto your brown bone.


5. Using the black again, apply it in the outer corner of your eye to create a darker shade. Do not apply past the middle of your eye; you want to keep the inner eye relatively light. Continue to blend the shadow up but do not too far.




6. With a pointer/smudger brush, apply the brown eyeshadow under your eye. Keep it close to your lower lash line to keep from looking like a raccoon.

 7. Using the same brush, apply the black eyeshadow under your eye. Blend the two together.



8. Apply a shimmery nude into the inner corner of your eye. I’m using Stila Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Kitten. This will lighten your inner corner making your eyes appear wider and brighter.




9. With any black eyeliner (liquid, gel, or pencil all work. I’m using MAC Liquid Eyeliner) , draw a relatively thick line above your upper lash liner. Line your waterline with a black eyeliner pencil

10. If you’ve blended too far up or have flecks of eyeshadow under your eye, dust a translucent powder over it to fix mistakes.

11. Curl your eyelashes. Apply black mascara on upper and lower lash line.

And you’re done! The easiest and simplest face makeup with a smokey eye is light blush and nude lips but go crazy if you’re in the mood to experiment!


How to Cover up a Blemish

25 Oct

 We’ve all been there. You’re about to head off to some important event or even school and you look in the mirror and staring back at you is a giant pimple. Nothing kills your confidence like having a giant blemish on your face. Don’t panic! Here’s how  to get natural looking coverage to even your worst blemish.

1. Do not pick at your face! Although you might want to, picking at it will only take it longer to heal.

2. Apply an acne spot treatment and then wait around 10 minutes for it to dry and soak in before putting anything else on top of it. I like Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment ($6.99). This heals the blemish throughout the day.

3. To conceal the redness of your blemish, apply a green tinted concealer (I know it sounds weird but it really works!) Try Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Stick Concealer in Cover Green ($5.49). Apply the green tinted concealer with a point brush Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush  ($26) so that you only apply the concealer on your blemish, not the surrounding skin.

4. Apply a light layer of regular concealer. My favorite concealer of all time is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($28). You can apply this with a concealer brush or just you finger.

5. Apply a powder foundation or just powder on top of the pimple with a fluffy brush. Using a powder foundation like bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Concealer ($18) will give you even more coverage while setting the concealer but a light powder like Chanels Natural Finish Pressed Powder ($45) gives lighter coverage.  Either way this step is very important because it keeps the concealer from melting off half way through the day.

And it’s that easy! Put some of these products in your bag for touch ups throughout the day or grab a kit like the Benefit Confessions of a Conealaholic ($36). Do not touch your blemish once you’ve left the house! It will only take off the makeup and draw attention to it. But most of all, don’t worry too much. Everyone gets them and you’re probably the only person who notices it!